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Competent E.coli Cells for Phage Display, Cloning and Protein Expression

Competent E.coli cells are necessary tools for molecular cloning, construction of DNA libraries, phage display, recombinant protein expression, and mutagenesis in every molecular biology laboratory.
Currently, Amid Biosciences offers AB 5-alpha, BL21(DE3), DH10B, BL21(λDE3)pBirA E.coli cells for in vivo biotinylation, BL21 (DE3) pLPP competent E.coli cells for production of non-phosphorylated proteins, Phage Display ER2738, SS320, and TG1 competent E.coli cells at economical prices. Both high efficiency chemically competent and electrocompetent E.coli cells are available.