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Amid Biosciences develops and manufactures products to simplify and improve life science research. Our mission is to help biomedical researchers save time and cost to accomplish their research needs.

Amid Biosciences was founded by scientists with extensive research experience at academic institutions and industry. Some of our past research have been published in journals such as Science, Molecular Cell, Genes & Development, Angewandte Chemie, and Journal of the American Chemical Society.
Our core competencies include enzyme development (DNA and RNA polymerases), protein expression and purification with emphasis on bacterial systems, and cloning reagents. We specifically focus on protein expression tools for academic, industrial and government entities.
We take pride in offering high quality products at competitive prices. We perform quality control on each batch of products to ensure that they meet industry performance specifications.
We are offering the following products:

We also provide comprehensive support for all of our protein expression and gene cloning services.
Amid Biosciences was started at Biocurious, a community biology lab that hosts inventors, entrepreneurs, and citizen scientists.
Amid Biosciences manufactures and ships all our products from Santa Clara, California, USA.

Our address:

Amid Biosciences, LLC

3108 Patrick Henry Drive

Santa Clara, CA 95054 USA

Amid Biosciences continuously supports the idea that science education should be accessible to everyone and pledged to transfer portions of the proceeds to following science education non-profit organizations:

 Our partners and customers are:

Stanford University                      Amid Biosciences customer - Stanford University

Innovation Center @ University of California, Davis       Amid Biosciences customer - UC Davis       

Science Exchange                        Amid Biosciences partner - Science Exchange        

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Berkeley Biolabs                         Amid Biosciences partner Berkeley BioLabs

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