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Gene Cloning Service | Amid Biosciences

Gene Cloning Service:

Amid Biosciences provides a high-quality and user-friendly Gene Cloning service. Since our expression vectors are optimized for high level expression, the gene of interest can be cloned into one of our vectors and may include tag fusion for rapid purification and assay detection. Removal of the tagging can be performed by cleavage with a specific protease.

The basic procedure for gene cloning:

  • Amplify the gene of interest from a cDNA library, genomic DNA, cell line, hybridoma or a BAC clone by PCR.
  • Clone the PCR product into a cloning vector.
  • Sub-clone the gene into our expression vector.
  • The cloned gene will be sequenced in both orientations to ensure the correct frameshift.

Please contact us with a project request at or through Science Exchange