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BL21(lambdaDE3)pBirA Chemically Competent E.coli Cells for in-vivo Biotinylation

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BL21(λDE3)pBirA Chemically Competent E.coli Cells for in vivo Biotinylation

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The BL21(λDE3)pBirA strain is recommended for expression and in vivo biotinylation of proteins fused with AviTag™ peptide or other peptide sequences recognized by E. coli BirA biotin ligase. This strain contains an IPTG-inducible BirA expression plasmid with the resistance gene for streptomycin/spectinomycin and allows high-efficiency protein expression of any gene that is under the control of a T7 or E. coli promoter and has a ribosome binding site. The BirA plasmid is compatible for co-expression with many E. coli and T7 promoter driven vectors (pET, pTrc, and etc).

After transformation of BL21(λDE3)pBirA chemically competent E. coli cells with a vector expressing protein of interest with AviTag™ sequence and carrying the resistance gene for antibiotic other than streptomycin/spectinomycin, the cells are grown in presence of two antibiotics to ensure maintenance of both expression plasmids. BirA expression is induced by IPTG, and biotin should be added to the media at the time of induction at a concentration of 50 to 200 µM. 

BL21(λDE3)pBirA chemically competent cells are supplied as a pack of 10 convenient 100 μl/tube aliquots.  The transformation efficiency is  ≥ 1x104 cfu/μg pBR322 plasmid DNA.

E. coli genotype: fhuA2 [lon] ompT gal (λ DE3) [dcm] ∆hsdS pBirA(StrR)

[λ DE3 = λ sBamHIo ∆EcoRI-B int::(lacI::PlacUV5::T7 gene1) i21 ∆nin5]

Catalog # BLB-201

Storage: - 80°C. 

Shipping:  Product requires shipping on dry ice. Please contact for shipment estimates. 

Usage: This product is intended for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Product Manual

BL21(λDE3)pBirA Chemically Competent E.coli Cells for in vivo Biotinylation | Safety Data Sheet | EU




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