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pUC18 Plasmid Cloning Vector

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pUC18 is a commonly used plasmid cloning vector in E.coli. The molecule is a double-stranded circular DNA (2686 base pairs in length). Due to a small size pUC18 enables successful cloning of large DNA fragments. The pUC18 plasmid confers ampicillin resistance and complement defects in β-galactosidase in appropriate host strains. The multiple cloning site (MCS) is within the β-galactosidase gene and contains unique sites for 13 different restriction enzymes (Acc I, BamH I, EcoR I, Hinc II, Hind III, Kpn I, Pst I, Sac I, Sal I, Sma I, Sph I, Xba I, and Xma I).

Foreign DNA inserted at the MCS interrupts the β-galactosidase gene and abolishes the ability to catabolize lactose. The recombinant plasmids can be verified via blue/white colony screening. Lactose-positive, ampicillin-resistant colonies (host strain containing plasmid) form blue colonies on plates containing ampicillin and X-Gal; lactose-negative, ampicillin-resistant colonies (host strain containing plasmid with foreign DNA inserted at the MCS) form white colonies on this medium. 

pUC18 is similar to pUC19, but the MCS region is reversed. pUC18 and pUC19 provide the option to clone DNA fragment generated by restriction enzymes in both orientation towards the lac promoter.  

pUC18 plasmid DNA (10 μg or 100 μg)  is supplied in a solution of 10 mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0) with 1 mM EDTA.

Copy Number:  High (>100) 

Origin of Replication:  pMB1 (high-copy mutant)

Storage Temperature: -20°C

International Shipping:  Product requires shipping on ice packs. Please contact for shipment estimates. 

This product is intended for laboratory research use only.



1. Lobet et al., Frame-shift mutation in the lacZ gene of certain commercially available pUC18 plasmids. Nucleic Acid Res., 1989 17 (12), 4897

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